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sizes one size order
international xs s m l xl xxl
russian 40 42 44\46 48\50 52\54 65
hips 84-92 sm 92-95 sm 96-101 sm 102-108 sm 109-116 sm 117-121 sm
waist 60-65 sm 66-69 sm 70-77 sm 78-85 sm 86-95 sm 96-102 sm
thight 63-67 sm 68-72 sm 73-77 sm 83-87 sm 93-97 sm 98-102 sm
hip girth 60-70 sm
neck №1 29-33 sm
neck №2 31,5-35,5 sm

Individual tailoring

Straps are manufactured of a soft, elastic and hard-wearing fabric, in one adjustable size. When ordering a strap, it's possible to choose a colour for the most models. One size of straps can be adjusted for Russian standard sizes from 40 to 46.

If you need the size smaller than 40 or bigger than 48, we can manufacture the item individually. Together we can also choose the fabric and colour of strap and create an exclusive item for you. This will increase the price for minimum 20%, because of the fabrics’ selection and/or expenditure and the sewer’s work with the individual measurements.

To get more information and calculate the final cost of the exclusive strap made according the individual measurements, contact the MyMokondo manager.


WA, Telegram +7 (964) 599 02 38
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