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Innovative and trendsetter means to be an inspiration, a fantasy and an impulse to action for others.

Provocative brand MyMokondo created the straps which inspire thousands of people for striking and intimate actions. Straps are not just the details of style, but the new culture coming up from fashion and personal sexual abandon.

Straps are:

                 - Elastic bands braided

                 - New kind of lingerie

                 - Hot style of the low neckline

                 - Sensual accessory

      Limitless brand’s fantasy is now creating other exclusive lines:

      • My Netting

        Netting clothes collection

      • My Body Text

        Comfy undershirts, bodysuits and dresses

      • My Beach

        Striking beach looks

      • My Jewelry

        Silver earrings

      Discover more of the favorite and the limited collections at the MyMokondo Shop.